Pop and show: Tips to make your home pop with colours

Neutral is comfortable and soothing but don’t we all succeed in life when we get out of the comfort zone and try something new? The same applies to your home’s interior decor too. Not that we want to get rid of the nudes (well, they are evergreen), but adding a dose of colours to an otherwise neutral room doesn’t hurt. Since it’s the era of pop and show and people have an eye for colour details, here how you can touch your decor with colour and make a statement out of it.

Let the art pieces talk

At least one element in the room should help in expressing an emotion or an opinion. Let the art pieces do the talking for you. Birmingham photographers suggest that abstract or contemporary art always has a story to tell. An addition of a colourful piece of art to a single shade room is enough to pop it up.

Bring in cosy feels with warm shades

Most interior design photos, that you search on the web or are thoroughly impressed by, have one thing in common. Warm tones! If it’s a neutral shade room, then addition of bright-coloured pillow cases or textured rugs will do the trick for you. Any room with warm tones such as reds, yellows and oranges look welcoming which is enough to make a person stay and relax.

Colour it white

Well, not completely. If you have ivory or white coloured walls or any other colour from this palette, then we have the perfect pop solution for you. Choose a royal or metallic shade which pleases your eyes and make it the contrasting colour in the room. A few things like bean bags, cushion covers or centrepieces could be of that particular colour which is enough to make the much-needed pop.

Up or below?

One trick to give your room a significant addition of colour is to paint it up or below. Opt for a playful wallpaper for your ceiling or a highly textured and rich in colour rug or carpet to add that little oomph factor which was missing from the decor.

Make your house a masterpiece with these tips and don’t forget to mention in the comments what worked out best for you.