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Humans are the living wonders of nature. Every smile, every blemish, every detail tells a different story and they are all every bit as beautiful as it is possible. Photographs capture a person’s feelings in them and we want everyone who looks at the picture, to know the feelings behind it.

After all, the need to create art is the need to make intuition and emotion understandable. And photography is nothing but an intimate form of art. And a photographer is the artist who only wants the world to see the allure that he sees. We believe that the beauty of human beings can only be captured in a photograph, or in a poem, or a paragraph.

Our goal is to pause every moment of laughter and happiness into a portrait so it can be lived and re-lived again. All we do is tweak the glow a little bit and let you be, for, the true emotions appear only when a person is left unbounded and we understand that.

There is so much more to the art of photography than simply putting together mechanical equipment. Because we trust that human beauty cannot be simply captured by a device, it requires thought and imagination. And our purpose, at Andy Gore Photography, is to do justice to that beauty.

Our photographers are one phone call away from you to help you see the elegance in yourself that we see in you.

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